Keep It Safe Review In Killer Ponytail

"Portland’s Wild Ones are no strangers to adversity. Back in 2012 the band were on the verge of meltdown, their original drummer left the band, their long time guitarist had a busted eardrum the new drummer brought in to bolster the rhythm section suffered a punctured lung and was well and truly out of action. On top of that, the band were financially struggling to finish their debut album with the costs of mastering and mixing racing beyond anything the band could afford, it looked like Wild Ones were about to be forced to put a stop to the whole thing.

Luckily, things turned around in a big way. Through determination, the band recovered (both physically and financially) and by the beginning of 2014, Wild Ones were stronger than ever playing shows once again with their freshly completed debut album Keep It Safe in tow. And we’re glad it all worked out.

Keep It Safe is an album full of charm and melodic overdrive taking influences from synth pop and punk to world beat and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll delivering a sonic punch akin to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Hospitality. Wild Ones managed to create an album that’s greater than the sum of it’s eclectic parts, and are set to continue to do so. It tuns out what doesn’t kill you actually does make you stronger.

The band have now released a deluxe version of Keep It Safe featuring a smorgasbord of extra content, which is out now on Topshelf Records, and you can stream the original version of the album right here

If you’re in the good ol’ US of A, catch Wild Ones on tour when they hit the road with fellow Portlanders Radiation City."- Killer Ponytail