Lia Ices Performs "Tell Me" For Pancakes And Whiskey

"This year, she traded in her big ballad tendencies for a much different sound. Her new album, Ices, features tracks with a more hip, upbeat, electronic feel.

We were able to sit in and hear her perform a stripped down version of the song “Tell Me” on the Rivington Hotel’s roof during CMJ week.

The song is a concoction of all sorts, combining the steady beat of the bongos, the spastic shake of the tambourine, the acoustic guitar and electronic beats, which all blend together flawlessly to create an edgy indie-pop dream.

There’s something hypnotic about watching Lia Ices perform — perhaps it’s the calming effect of her dream-like voice or her bubble gum pink hair against the NYC backdrop.

Her new sound is a delightful change of pace as we get to see a different side to Lia Ices and realize she has a lot more to offer than just a sweet voice."- Pancakes And Whiskey