Ices Review In The New York Times

"Bliss — personal, romantic, carnal, musical, cosmic — reigns on “Ices” (Jagjaguwar), the second album by Lia Ices. On her 2011 debut album,“Grown Unknown,” she was a folky, guitar-picking introvert drawn to echoes of Björk and Steve Reich. “Ices” transforms her into a digital-era neo-hippie, airily proclaiming, “Rhythm chased me into the sky/and now I move, I’m moving to the beat of my desire.” Songs with titles like “Magick,” “Higher” and “Electric Arc” layer guitars, keyboards, beats and her multiplied voice into swaying, circling, chant-like tunes that could easily turn into drum-circle singalongs under some full moon. Ms. Ices and her brother Eliot, credited together as the producer Benny Sagittarius, collaborated with the hip-hop producer Clams Casino, who probably gave the tracks some of their electronic kick and sputter. But the internal mechanisms of the music, busy as they are, matter less than its push toward the empyrean. It’s an all-or-nothing album, either goofy and contrived or immersive and euphoric. I’ll take euphoric."- The New York Times