James Vincent McMorrow's Ace Hotel Performance

James wrote the following on his website this morning:

"2014 was an incredible year, I'm so grateful to anyone who came to a show, bought/listened to Post Tropical, stopped me on the street to say hello and take a photo, or generally just made my life better.

I wanted to say thank you. So I thought, what would I want to get as a present?.... A video of a cat in a clown costume driving a ride along lawnmower?... umm, yes please. But it turns out it's real difficult to get a cat into a costume. Plus cats are heavily unionised now.

So, thats not happening (yet). But, as a back up plan, we did have some great people come down to my last show of the year, at the Ace Hotel Theatre in Los Angeles. They recorded the entire show, it came out great, so here it is below, free to download for everyone who wants it. All I ask is that if you're feeling it, that you share it. I'm incredibly proud of this show that we took all over the world for the last 12 months, and I want as many people to hear it as possible.

So yeah, you guys are the best, thank you again, i'll see you in 2015. I got plans."

You can download the audio here.