James Vincent McMorrow's Official Video for "Glacier"

James Vincent McMorrow released his music video for "Glacier" this morning. Here is what he wrote on his Facebook about it:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the video for Glacier, which completes the trilogy of videos made by Aoife McArdle.

What began over a year ago as a conversation about the possibility of having one person create their own vision for my work resulted in these videos. The Cavalier video blew my mind when I saw it first, the Red Dust video made me cry. The Glacier video, this video, I always wanted it to be more hopeful than it is, perhaps that's the reason I held it back for so long, when I closed my eyes and pictured this video, it was different. But I asked Aoife to give me her vision for my work, and that's what she did. She's an incredible director with a singular vision, I am an artist and I would hope that my vision was always respected even if it wasn't fully understood, so this video deserves to be seen, the trilogy deserves to be fully seen as she imagined it. 

And it is beautiful. And great art isn't often, if ever, about being understood right away. And I think now, after the incredible year I've had, I'm able to see the hope in it a little more. I hope you guys like it. James"