Feel The Bern

Alexander has written a song for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders! Listen to the exclusive track below and read an excerpt from Alex, explain his inspiration behind the song. Also, head to RYOT to read their coverage on the new track. 

Never written a song in favor of any politician before, but ol' Bernie Sanders is just the kind of humble fire I like gathering around. He burns un-postured, plain as day. He walks free, un-bought - not from luck of wealth, but from the strength of honor. He stands, unkempt, unafraid of what he might say because there is nothing of him to hide. He runs for president free of presidential hair, free of prisoning pockets, free of cowardice. He speaks - ah, but don't they all! (Anyone can shoot a few straight lines at your television screen - few can then refer you to a history of service that vouches for each word...Bernie can.)
He sings...no, but on occasion I do - and I thought it about damn time ol' Bernie had a song! 
Sing this song. Stoke the man's fire. May the truth he bears torch his competition.
- ae