Orpheo McCord releases debut album, Recovery Inhale, 1/26

A few years back I acquired a marimba with a built in amplification system.  I started to experiment with adding fx pedals and I developed a unique sonic palette.  I started recording these ideas in my home studio here in Ojai, CA.  The result was an ambient/post modern/meditative record.  Something to calm the nervous system.

After being on the road for well over a decade performing the traditional roles of drummer and percussionist (Edward Sharpe, The Fall, Cass McCombs, Fools Gold), I found catharsis in making an album that is freed up from groove and verse/chorus song structure.  It was all about creating these luscious tonalities but in a really organic way.  The result is an album that allows the listener space to let go from the daily chatter that inundates us all.

This album has strong reflections of my experience since moving from LA to the countryside of Ojai in 2011. That's a story unto itself.  Apart from my own project, I spend time collaborating and recording with other fellow Ojai musicians Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco, Quindar) and Scott Hirsch (Hiss Golden Messenger, solo artist).


I am releasing my album, "Recovery Inhale" 1/26/18 on my own newly founded label, Sound Creature Records.  Attached is a private Soundcloud link to the album. I hope you will take the time to check it out and find inspiration.